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 Hashrate : 301.14 KH/s
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 Hashrate : 49.84 MH/s
 Active Miners: 3
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X11 Profit Switch Port - 11/13/2014

We are going to test out our profit switching port this weekend, please use PORT 6666 for X11 profit switch.

Payouts are daily at around 11pm GMT

Some currencies have payout minimums. For example, Syscoin requires that a transaction output be no smaller than .05, which means we are completely unable to payout a balance smaller than that.

The only other currencies (at the moment) which have minimums are BTC (0.0001 minimum), and LTC (0.001 minimum). At some point we'll get these all listed out somewhere so it is easier to navigate.

Once your balance exceeds the minimum you'll get paid out normally.

Your desired payout currency is automatically determined by the type of address you're mining with. So if you mine with a Bitcoin address as your username, then by default everything you mine will exchanged to Bitcoin and paid out to that address. This can be done since most (almost all) altcoins have a unique address "prefix", which is technically known as the address version. For instance, a Vertcoin address will always start with a "V", while most Bitcoin addresses start with a "1".

However, some of the coins versions overlap - such as Urocoin and ULTC, Viacoin and Vertcoin, etc. This means our system can't always automatically determine which you intended. In the future we'll be adding a method to explicitly specify which you want, but for now when there is a conflict we have picked one for the default. So for example: if you mine with a ULTC address all of your earnings will actually be converted to Urocoin. If this isn't what you intended, its not a complete loss, your ULTC address is actually also a valid URO address.

A complete list of the coin addresses you can mine with may be found on the front page

Configure your miner to use "--diff XXX" as the password

Most ports have a minimum allowed setting for this value, and if you try something below that value it'll just set it to the minimum.

We run a custom user based vardiff instead of the more traditional worker based vardiff. Most pools run worker based vardiff and target ~20 share submissions per minute from each worker, whereas we target ~35 share submission per minute from each user.

So if you have only one worker you'll probably notice a lot more share submissions than on other pools, and vardiff will adjust your difficulty down a lot. But if you have many workers you'll notice the opposite.

This setup is designed to be extremely performant for miners and also reduce the load on our servers, even if mining with a very large mining farm. Since user based vardiff is not the norm, we often have miners who want to set a specific difficulty which works better for their miner (frequently the case with ASICS). If you'd like to do that, read the section on setting a fixed difficulty.

Your user settings page allows you to specify a payout address for any currency that you don't want to exchange to the currency of your mining addresses. Also note that some currencies cannot be exchanged for your mining currency and to recieve these currencies you must specify a payout address. These currencies are separated out on your settings page under "Unexchangeable Currencies".

Scrypt coins: V-Torrent (VTR)

Scrypt-N coins: NA

X11 coins: StartCoin (START), Urocoin (Uro), Darkcoin (DRK), FractalCoin (FRAC), CannabisCoin (CANN) , Conspiracy (CYC)

X13 coins: SterlingCoin (SLG), Darkgold (DGD)

Lyra2 coins: Vertcoin (VTC)

  • Fees are done on a per-port basis
  • PPLNS ports are generally 1% for a dedicated currency
  • PPLNS ports are generally 2% for profit switching.
  • Miners keep any transaction fees mined into blocks
  • We cover payout transaction fees
  • We pass along all fees incurred from currency exchange, including deposit/withdrawal transaction fees to/from exchanges